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Welcome to
This Is The Place For Land Ownership Maps And Plat Books In Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas


Fordyce Computer Mapping ServiceAt Fordyce Computer Mapping Service, we produce and distribute land ownership maps in the Ark-La-Miss.arkansas Louisiana Mississippi with state flags and state birds We use the latest mapping technology to deliver professional maps, plat books and digital images to the communities we serve. Our maps and plat books can be ordered using our online store or you can place your order by phone. Call us at (870) 352-7563 for orders or questions.

Our newest release is a 2014 Washington County Mississippi. We also have a 2010 Grenada County, a 2010 Humphreys County, a 2009 Carroll County and many others. We also do customized mapping according to the needs of companies or individuals needing specialized maps. If you need a particualar type of map, please give us the opportunity to earn your business. Many years of experience and a true love for maps forever drives us to pay sincere attention to detail and accuracy, making our maps quite popular in the southern states and beyond. If you are from the delta area of Mississippi or the pine timber lands of southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana, chances are that you have seen our maps hanging on the walls of banks, attorney's offices, court houses, hunting lodges and even service stations. We have provided a good number of low resolution "GIF" images on our website to demonstrate the quality and accuracy of our product. Whether you need county maps showing land ownership or custom, multi colored "PDF" files incorporating a variety of information, we'll provide you with quality products or we'll be happy to explain where you can find information outside of our areas of expertise .

If you'd like to see more samples like the one below, click here for some free plat map images.

Sunflower County near Doddsville

click here for two sections of property ownership located in Yazoo County, Mississippi.

We are constantly working on a new map project or updating a previous edition. We have a news page that customers can visit for information on current projects, release dates and other announcements. Click here for our news page.

The maps we produce are layed out in section, township and range format. Visit our information page to learn a little more about surveying, mapping and related stuff. It is extremely time consuming to compile and draft an ownership map, which occupies the majority of our work day. However, we will endeavor to enhance this site as time permits, so feel free to check back often.

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If you like our site and find it useful or have general comments or requests, please feel free to contact us. We value your opinions and it will be exciting to hear from you!

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